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A mole is a cluster of skin cells that can appear on any body part. Most moles appear in early childhood and before the age of 25. Usually, they are brown, black, or skin tone. Most moles are not cancerous, but sometimes they can become malignant. In most cases, you do not need to remove moles. However, if they affect your appearance, are growing, or look suspicious, removal may be a good idea. Here is what you need to know about Mole Removal methods in Huntington, New York:

Mole Removal Methods at Dermatology & Cosmetic Laser Center in Huntington NY Area

Smaller Moles Can Be Removed Through the Method Known as “Shaving”

It is a procedure when moles are simply shaved away by a dermatologist. First, dermatologists use a scalpel to remove a mole itself and then – a special electrical instrument to stop bleeding, if there is any. Then the wound is treated with an antibacterial solution and covered with a bandage.

Larger Moles Are Usually Removed Through the Procedure Called “Serial Excision”

Serial excision is a special technique when a dermatologist removes small portions of a mole until the entire mole is removed completely. In most cases, this procedure requires 2 sessions. In some cases, more sessions may be needed.

A Mole Removal Procedure May Result in a Scar

Removal of large moles may lead to the appearance of scars. However, a scar may disappear after a while depending on such factors as the type of the surgery, the age of a patient, and the location of the mole.

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