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Mole Removal Methods and What Should You Know About Them?

Mole Removal Methods at Dermatology & Cosmetic Laser Center in Huntington NY Area

A mole is a cluster of skin cells that can appear on any body part. Most moles appear in early childhood and before the age of 25. Usually, they are brown, black, or skin tone. Most moles are not cancerous, but sometimes they can become malignant. In most cases, you do not need to remove moles. However, if they affect your appearance, are growing, or look suspicious, removal may be a good idea. Here is what you need to know about Mole Removal methods in Huntington, New York: Smaller Moles Can Be Removed Through the Method Known as “Shaving” It … Continue reading

Does an itchy mole require treatment by a Huntington dermatologist?

Young woman looking at the birthmark on the back

Moles are common growths that occur on just about every body. These growths develop when melanocyte cells in the epidermis form in clusters rather than spread out. Most often, melanocyte cells are normal, leading to the growth of a benign mole. The concern with moles is, usually due to sun exposure, melanocyte cells may become abnormal, resulting in a cancerous mole or melanoma. Due to the link between moles and melanoma, more people feel concerned about the moles they currently have. Even with specific parameters that indicate the abnormal growth of melanocyte cells, one may feel very unsure about how … Continue reading

Best skin cancer and moles treatment found with your experienced Huntington dermatologist

Mole on the back of neck

The more we have learned about skin cancer, the better we are at prevention. At the same time, the prevalence of skin cancer has left many people unsure about how to handle moles on various body parts. The fact is, however, that anywhere from ten to forty moles exist on most people’s bodies. Moles may look different from one to another, and from one person to another. Sometimes they are black and flat, and other times they are fleshy and light pink. These growths are incredibly unique, which only lends to the confusion people feel when examining the growths on … Continue reading

Thorough examination of a mole will determine if you need removal treatment in our Huntington NY office

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Dr. Roger Koreen has been committed to excellence in patient care since starting his practice in Huntington. In the past two-plus decades, he has helped thousands of patients address medical and cosmetic skin concerns with personal attention and compassion. In our office, we understand that something as simple as a mole can lead to a greater problem. If you are wondering about removal treatment for a suspicious looking mole, a consultation with Dr. Koreen in our Huntington, NY office can ease your mind. Most people have moles, and they will continue to get more as they go through life. A … Continue reading

When treating atypical moles in Huntington, NY, we are mindful of individual factors

Dermatologist looking at woman's mole on her neck

When it comes to moles, there are certain guidelines that we use to alert us to potential abnormalities. As a result, most people expect “normal” moles to appear perfectly round and symmetrical and of a particular color. There are exceptions, however, to the general rules about diagnosing and treating moles. Atypical moles, in particular, can be confusing for many of our Huntington, NY patients. An atypical mole is formally referred to as a dysplastic nevus. It is a type of acquired mole, meaning it is not present at birth. Different from typical moles, the dysplastic nevus is unusual in its … Continue reading

Does a red mole require removal by your dermatologist in Huntington, NY?

Dermatologist looking at woman's mole on her back

The topic of moles is important in today’s society. More and more people are being diagnosed with skin cancer and, although not every type is as serious as melanoma, there are inherent risks to both squamous cell and basal cell carcinomas. In addition to discussing ways to protect your skin, it is also beneficial to ask questions about the potential need for mole removal. Dr. Roger Koreen, an experienced dermatologist in Huntington, NY, consults with patients about moles nearly every day. Even when you have heard or read about the signs of skin cancer, it can be difficult to identify … Continue reading

Benign moles can be removed in our Huntington, NY office

Young woman with birthmark

Moles are incredibly common among American adults. Many people have at least one; most of us have a dozen or more. These growths form when pigmented cells, those that give the skin its color, accumulate in a localized area. Moles occur anywhere on the body and are characterized by factors such as size, color, the area affected, and the layer of skin in which the mole has grown. They may be raised or flat and may appear red, brown, black or even flesh-toned. None of these characteristics necessarily indicates whether a mole is benign or not. The biggest concern with … Continue reading

Scarring a consideration in the mole removal procedure in Huntington, NY

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Most people have ten or more moles; spots of skin on which pigmented cells have accumulated. It is not often that a mole is problematic to health though we encourage our patients to perform monthly self-examination that will lead to the earliest possible detection of anomalies. Moles displaying abnormal characteristics falling into the ABCs of dermatologic examination should be examined further. The mole removal procedure performed by Huntington, NY dermatologist, Dr. Roger Koreen, is tailored to the individual. Whether the purpose of treatment is to remove a suspicious growth or to improve the appearance of skin by eliminating a noticeable … Continue reading

Routine skin checks can help individuals in Huntington, NY detect cancerous moles

Skin check up

Many people enjoy being out in the sunshine. The warmth and light can be good both physically and emotionally, however too much sun exposure is very dangerous for the skin. There’s no denying the importance of Vitamin D, still there needs to be a balance when it comes to the right amount of time out in the sun. You should always wear broad-spectrum high SPF sunscreen, and avoid the midday sun. Additionally, yearly skin cancer screenings and at-home self-checks can help identify potentially cancerous concern early. At the Dermatology & Cosmetic Laser Center in Huntington, NY, we offer these tips … Continue reading

Learn the early signs of skin cancer from Huntington, NY doctor

Skin Cancer Sign

Many cancers present with obvious symptoms such as lumps, pain, and sickness. When it comes to skin cancer, the early signs aren’t always as easy to pick up on. Skin cancer can be very slow growing and warning signs may be missed, which can impact early detection. The good news is you shouldn’t worry. When it comes to skin cancer, there are a few important signs you can watch for that will let you know if it’s time to call the doctor. While these signs don’t definitively mean you have cancer, it is a good idea to come in for … Continue reading

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