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Have you begun to notice fine lines and wrinkles on different areas of your face? Have your childhood sunburns reappeared in the form of dark spots on the cheeks, forehead or chest? One of the best ways to minimize these concerns, as well as, many other related to the aging process is to encourage exfoliation with customized chemical peels.

The skin has natural processes through which old, damaged cells slough off and healthy new ones take their place. For most of us, especially as we get older, the speed at which damaged cells are exfoliated is far too slow to hide the effects of stress, sun, and more. Chemical peel treatment like that performed in our Huntington, NY dermatology practice hasten this natural process, allowing you to feel better about your skin.

Why a peel?

Chemical peel treatment is very conservative for the most part. Though there are some patients who schedule deeper peels for fast, dramatic results, many of our patients use peels that are mild to moderate in strength. This way, minor scars, discoloration, rough texture and other concerns fade away over time. Milder peels are ideal for many people who do not want to experience heavy peeling or redness.

Lunchtime treatment

Dr. Koreen and the staff at Dermatology and Cosmetic Laser Center perform a variety of peels. On the lighter side, a chemical peel is considered a wonderful lunchtime treatment. This procedure involves skin cleansing and the application of a mild acidic solution; such as glycolic acid. After a few minutes, the product is gently removed and the skin has a healthy new glow. No redness and no visible peeling, just radiant, beautiful skin. Lunchtime peels are a wonderful way for younger patients to proactively ward off the signs of aging.

Treatment for your skin

There aren’t many things today that are customized to each individual. Dermatologic care from Dr. Roger Koreen is not cookie-cutter. Men and women who visit Dermatology and Cosmetic Laser Center receive care formulated to their skin type, their concerns, and their desired result in the desired time frame. Chemical peels are fully customized to improve the appearance of the skin and keep it looking radiant and youthful all the time. Depending on the strength of the most appropriate peel, this treatment can be performed as often as every four weeks.

Your skin can radiate beauty from the inside out. Learn how chemical peel treatment will benefit your appearance when you visit our Huntington, NY dermatology practice.

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