Vein  Treatment

Dr. Roger Koreen

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Introduction to Vein Treatments


Veins that appear beneath the skin's surface can be noticeable. Dr. Koreen specializes in treating spider veins and facial veins using advanced technology.

Spider Veins Explained


Spider veins are clusters of purple, red, or blue "threads" on the legs, chest, neck, and face. They are often inherited and usually a cosmetic concern.

Treating Spider Veins


Combining sclerotherapy and vascular laser treatments yields the best results. Sclerotherapy involves injecting a solution into veins, while laser heat accelerates the process.

Progressive Improvement


Vein treatments provide gradual results, with veins lightening after each session. Minimal discomfort is experienced during treatment, enhancing both appearance and confidence.

Facial Vein Treatment


Laser therapy can effectively treat facial veins, targeting pigmented and vascular structures. The Cynosure Cynergy Multiplex vascular laser workstation offers proven results.

Achieving Optimal Results

Laser therapy may require multiple sessions for different skin types and vein conditions. Side effects are minimal, allowing you to enjoy rejuvenated, confident skin.

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