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Laser treatment safe and effective for resistant warts assessed by Huntington dermatologist

Compared to other skin conditions such as acne, warts may seem relatively rare. Each year, however, more than three million people seek treatment for resistant warts. In some cases, a wart may be cosmetically disruptive. In others, such as the formation of a plantars wart on the sole of the foot, this growth can cause physical pain that gets in the way of everyday activities.

Historically, resistant warts have been removed via surgery or possibly with a CO2 laser. These approaches to treatment are quite invasive due to their impact on surrounding tissue and the large wound that must heal after the procedure. As laser treatment for warts has improved, many of Dr. Koreen's Huntington patients are rediscovering the health and beauty of their own skin.

Today, many warts are quickly and safely treated with pulsed dye laser. This form of treatment is well-suited to all skin types and ages.

How laser wart treatment works

Pulsed dye laser targets the very core of red blood cells present in wart tissue, the pigment. When short, powerful bursts of precise light are absorbed as heat, the blood flow to abnormal tissue is cut off. The virus that lives at the base of the wart is obliterated and the tissue gradually falls away.

There are several reasons why doctors and their patients choose pulsed dye laser treatment for warts:
  • Pulsed dye laser equipment precisely targets specific cells, leaving surrounding skin intact.
  • No wounds are left to heal after treatment due to the accuracy of delivery into red blood cells.
  • Treatment is well tolerated by most patients.
  • The success rate of laser wart treatment is more than 90 percent.
Laser treatment for warts has been extensively followed and proven very gentle but powerful. In many cases, warts will fall away after just one treatment. Depending on the type of wart, its location and its size, additional treatments may be needed for full resolution. Because there are very few side effects from pulsed dye laser treatment, the need for multiple treatments is acceptable. After a session, most people can return to normal activity right away, even if the wart treated is on the bottom of the foot.

Dr. Koreen has more than twenty years of experience treating the various conditions that affect the skin. You can rely on his expertise to eliminate unsightly and uncomfortable warts. Call (631) 417-3300 today.

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