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Addressing myths about types of leg veins and sclerotherapy treatments in Huntington, NY

Most of the veins and vessels that transport blood from the heart and back again are located deep enough that we do not see them. Aside from a few surface vessels, the only time veins tend to be noticeable is when they become dysfunctional in some way. When bulging, swelling, or darkening occur in any vein, discomfort and embarrassment may ensue, especially if problematic veins develop on the face.

Facial veins are often treated with some form of light therapy. Various types of leg veins respond very nicely to sclerotherapy. When consulting with patients, Dr. Koreen discusses the condition of dysfunctional veins and all available treatment options. Many of our patients have achieved their desired result from sclerotherapy performed in our Huntington, NY office. Though this non-surgical leg vein treatment has been around for decades, there are myths that may keep some people from exploring their options for more attractive skin.

Sclerotherapy is not painful

Sclerotherapy has been depicted as uncomfortable. Patients assume they will be in pain both during and after their treatment, cramping or feeling achy where injections have taken place. In addition to using an extremely fine needle, Dr. Koreen uses the latest sclerosing agents. Today, the solutions injected into veins contain lidocaine, which has a slight numbing effect on tissues.

Removing unwanted veins with sclerotherapy takes very little time and produces little, if any, pain. Dr. Koreen is precise in selecting injection sites and communicates with patients in order to maintain optimal comfort. In most cases, normal activities may be resumed right away. The injected sclerosing agent gradually affects treated veins, causing them to collapse and disappear.

Results last

The myth says that veins treated with sclerotherapy will become visible again at some point. In research studies, however, sclerotherapy has been shown to produce noticeable and lasting results. After veins are treated with the sclerosing agent, they close and dissolve over time. Blood is no longer carried by that vein. Instead, it is redirected to another healthier vein. What sclerotherapy cannot do is prevent the formation of new spider or varicose veins.

Today, we have more options for the removal of unsightly veins than we have had in the past. Whether on your legs, face, or another area, our team has the latest technologies and proven techniques to improve the appearance of your skin. Call the Dermatology and Cosmetic Laser Center for your consultation with Dr. Roger Koreen.

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