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Spider veins on man's leg

Many Americans are living with spider or varicose veins. For those over the age of 50, that number goes up to 50 percent. Unsightly spider and varicose veins can be a real embarrassment, but the good news is that sclerotherapy can dramatically improve the appearance of these veins.

What causes unsightly veins?

Your heart sends nutrient filled blood to the rest of the body through the arteries and the veins carry the blood back to the heart. When blood travels to the legs, the muscles move the blood back to the heart and valves in the veins prevent backflow.

In some people, these valves become weakened and allow blood to pool. When this occurs, you can develop varicose and spider veins.

  • Varicose veins – Large blue or purple veins that may appear to bulge.
  • Spider veins – Smaller red web-like veins.

If you have family members with vein problems, it can increase your risk for developing them. Other risk factors include hormonal changes, obesity, and a sedentary lifestyle.

How do you treat vein conditions?

Spider veins are largely a cosmetic concern, very rarely causing serious problems, although they can burn or itch Varicose veins can cause more complications, leading to throbbing and cramping, restless legs, or even skin ulcers and sores.

Whether you want relief from symptoms or to eliminate the aesthetic concerns associated with vein conditions, sclerotherapy can help. This well-established treatment provides results in as little as several weeks.

During the treatment, a sclerosing medication is injected into the desired veins. The medication works by causing the treated vein to collapse and allowing the blood flow to be redirected through a healthy vein. Treatments take only a few minutes and cause very little discomfort.

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