Hair removal in Huntington NY with laser technology is a safe, comfortable alternative to electrolysis

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The Dermatology & Cosmetic Laser Center offers laser and light-based therapies as an alternative to costly, time-intensive, and irritating creams, razors, and waxing to remove unwanted hair. Importantly, these common at-home treatments are temporary. Shaving may be a daily if not twice-daily chore.

Why do I have excess hair?

If unwanted hair is a life-long battle, genes are probably to blame. If excess hair is a newer phenomenon accompanied by severe acne, irregular periods, or other symptoms, a medical condition may be the cause.

You may be among the many individuals who have noticed extra hair with age. Hormones cause changes to the pattern and thickness of hair growth. Some medications to manage hormonal conditions may cause unwanted hair growth too.

What are the best alternatives?

Administered by or under the guidance of our dermatological professionals, Dr. Roger Koreen and his team use the Elite+ light-based device by Cynosure to stop hair growth.

During laser hair removal, a beam of light passes through the skin to the follicles. By targeting the melanin or pigment that gives hair its color, heat delivered by the device damages the follicle. A damaged follicle can’t produce further hair.

These types of advanced lasers are built with technology designed to protect the skin and improve patients’ comfort. Other built-in technologies allow uniform treatment of hair follicles, so the doctors and aestheticians administering the treatment don’t have to run several passes over the same area. The laser effectively treats large areas such as the back in about 5 minutes. Formerly, these areas may have required an hour or more of treatment.

Treated hairs will fall out in the coming weeks and months. Follicles run a cycle of growth and resting phases. They are only sensitive to light during the growth phase, which means you will need additional sessions spaced a few weeks apart to get desired results. Usually, you can live hair-free within seven sessions, but plans differ from person to person, depending on the areas to be treated, skin tone, and hair color and thickness.

Side effects are limited to temporary redness, tenderness, and swelling. Safe laser hair removal in Huntington NY is considered a comfortable alternative to electrolysis, which uses electric current for treatment. Call (631) 417-3300 to schedule a consultation and discover your best treatment plan.

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