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Line and Wrinkle Treatment

Wrinkle Treatment, Line and Wrinkle Treatment Huntington We are fortunate to have a number of non-surgical options for the treatment of the common signs of aging. At the Dermatology and Cosmetic Laser Center, men and women can, in one visit, experience dramatic rejuvenation for a more refreshed appearance.

BOTOX® Cosmetic

Developed a few decades ago, BOTOX® has been used in Europe and other countries extensively. Since the early 2000’s American men and women have been using this powerful wrinkle fighter as a way to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

BOTOX® is ideal for the treatment of lines that form on the top portion of the face. These lines, called dynamic wrinkles, form when we make certain facial expressions. The cause of dynamic lines is muscular contraction, which is necessary for expression. As the skin loses adequate support from collagen and elastin fibers, the skin that lies over contracted muscles tends to remain wrinkled, rather than smooth out naturally. BOTOX® causes relaxation that leads to the smoothing of skin around the eyes or on the forehead.

If you have furrowed brows, crow’s feet, or frown lines, or would like to open up your eyes by lifting the eyebrows without brow lift surgery, BOTOX® is the ideal solution for you.


Since the development of dermal fillers, Hyaluronic acid has been regarded as somewhat of a “miracle compound” for the reduction of lines and the improvement of facial contours. Among the various Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, Juvéderm sets itself apart with a smooth gel consistency, ideal for use in deeper lines around the nose, mouth, and chin, as well as the cheeks. The cross-linking technology used to make the Juvéderm filler promotes the regeneration of collagen in deeper layers of skin, aiding in the longevity of results. The depth at which Juvéderm™ injections are administered leads to beautiful, natural-looking volume.

Benefits of Juvéderm viscoelastic gel consistency include:
  • Non-animal based Hyaluronic acid
  • No skin testing required
  • High biocompatibility
  • Minimal swelling compared to other products


Belotero diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles using non-animal based Hyaluronic acid. This filler subtly adds volume where needed, rejuvenating the facial appearance. One of the primary benefits of Belotero is its soft consistency, which makes it easily absorbable in various areas, even those in which skin is thinner. There is also no bluish tint, referred to as the Tyndall Effect, remaining beneath thin skin, which may occur with other fillers. Individuals treated with this filler have reported noticeable results immediately after treatment that look nicely subtle and natural. These results can last as long as nine months.

Laser treatments

Lasers are used in various medical procedures today. In the area of cosmetic dermatology, laser therapies can improve the look of the skin by reducing the appearance of veins, sun damage such as brown spots, fine lines, and scars. With the right laser treatment, we are able to facilitate rejuvenating effects in a non-invasive manner requiring no downtime.

At the Dermatology and Cosmetic Laser Center of Huntington, the health and beauty of your skin is our first priority! Contact our office at (631) 417-3300 to take control of your aging process.

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