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Acne breakouts can cause distress no matter how old you are, especially when acne is a persistent condition. Finding an appropriate treatment for the skin is an important aspect of health and wellbeing. At the Dermatology and Cosmetic Laser Center, we customize care. If you want the best possible results, see your dermatologist for acne treatment designed solely for your skin. No need to wonder, “Is there a dermatology practice near me in Huntington, NY?” Just contact us to schedule your appointment!

Goals of acne treatment

Acne treatment is intended to clear the skin of unsightly and uncomfortable pimples, blackheads, and inflammation. To accomplish this goal, we must achieve others. Redness and inflammation decrease when the bacteria that causes, p. acnes, is destroyed. For lasting results, destroying existing acne is not enough. It is also necessary to remove debris from clogged pores.

Many treatments for acne tend to focus on only one aspect of the condition. Topical solutions soothe irritation. Antibiotics destroy bacteria. At the Dermatology and Cosmetic Laser Center, we address the various aspects of acne with one treatment. The Isolaz™ laser works quickly to cleanse the skin of debris as well as unhealthy bacteria.

How Isolaz™ works

The Isolaz™ laser device is more than a light treatment. In addition to inhibiting the growth of bacteria, it removes the dead skin cells, sebum and dirt from the pores. The gentle suction and light work together to produce results without affecting sensitive skin.

Isolaz™ is an excellent solution for patients who want quick results. In many instances, skin becomes clearer in the first one to two days after the first treatment. It is important to understand that Isolaz™ may also pull debris from deeper within pores. This means that it is possible to see new pimples form after the first few treatments. As we continue through the acne program, however, a dramatic improvement can be expected.

Dr. Koreen has decades of experience treating acne. Contact our office at (631) 417-3300 for more information on your treatment options.

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