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Frown lines can be one of the most troublesome signs of aging due to their obvious appearance. Often, vertical lines between the brows are visible only at certain times, such as when you are concentrating or squinting beneath the sun. As time passes, many people begin to notice that these once dynamic wrinkles become a mainstay on their face. Any degree of wrinkling can cause distress, which is why we are consistently asked about Botox for frown lines by our Huntington, NY patients.

The good news is that frown lines, as well as horizontal lines across the forehead, are very easy to address with Botox. When treated early, only a very small amount of product may be needed to achieve a beautiful result. The cause of frown lines is the corrugator muscle in the forehead. When the Botox neuromodulator is injected precisely into this muscle, it becomes relaxed and the overlying skin smooths as the eyebrows reach a state of calm.

Cosmetic injectables provide an excellent solution for aggravating signs of aging such as frown lines. Botox is a product that works gradually over about a week. After five to ten days, the full effect of relaxation can be seen. For patients whose frown lines are more obvious and frustrating, we may recommend a combination treatment that involves filling lines with soft tissue filler like Juvéderm. The synergistic effect of Botox and filler achieves immediate as well as lasting results.

Botox has been used widely for the treatment of frown lines and forehead wrinkles. Both men and women find this solution straightforward, safe, and comfortable. The precision technique employed by a skilled dermatologic professional leads to a rejuvenated appearance while preserving the ability to show emotion.

The Dermatology and Cosmetic Laser Center team has an outstanding reputation for our commitment to excellence in patient care. Serving individuals from Huntington and surrounding areas, we perform injectable treatments with specific expertise through which the capabilities of product are maximized.

Frown lines don’t have to make you appear older or angry. Call our office at (631) 417-3300 and speak with a friendly member of our staff for more information on Botox and other anti-aging treatments.

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