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Huntington, NY residents ask, “What is the price of tattoo removal?”

Price Tattoo Removal Huntington NY

As a skin specialist in Huntington, NY, Dr. Koreen offers laser tattoo removal. While tattoos have become common and are no longer considered taboo, there are still many individuals who wish to remove an unwanted tattoo. If you would like a price quote on removing your tattoo, call the Dermatology & Cosmetic Laser Center today at (631) 417-3300.


Laser tattoo removal is the only way to safely remove the ink while keeping nearby skin untouched. At the Dermatology & Cosmetic Laser Center, we perform a thorough evaluation and develop a treatment plan to either fully remove it or fade it, depending on the patient’s preference. In our office, we use PicoSure laser technology.


What is PicoSure?

PicoSure laser treatments use patented picosecond technology, which allows the laser to deliver short pulses of energy directly into the pigment at ultra-fast speeds. The laser energy is so quick that it breaks ink up into tiny particles that are eliminated by the body.


Advantages of PicoSure

  • Can target all different colors
  • Keeps surrounding skin healthy
  • Requires fewer treatments that Q-switched lasers


Results from PicoSure

With PicoSure, patients can expect to see results in fewer treatments than other laser technologies. During the consultation, we can determine approximately how many sessions will be required. Most patients will need to wait 4-6 weeks in between sessions to allow time for proper healing and to minimize scarring. Some patients may notice clearing after the first session, while other may need several treatments before seeing satisfying results.


Tattoo regret is a real phenomenon, but the good news is that you don’t have to live with unwanted ink. If you would like to learn more about laser tattoo removal and to receive a price quote on having yours treated, please call the Dermatology & Cosmetic Laser Center today at (631) 417-3300.

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