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Interested In Learning About Different Types of Skin Cancer and Symptoms

Types of Skin Cancer and Symptoms in Huntington New York Area

People think of skin cancer as a particular thing – But it’s not; it’s more than seeing a spot appear on your skin and getting it treated by your general practitioner. As a resident of Huntington, New York, identifying different types of skin cancer and symptoms can make the difference between life and death. However, skin cancer is a highly treatable form of cancer. It can become deadly if left untreated. Skin cancer can spread to other parts of the body and become life-threatening. There are three significant groupings of skin cancer. Basal cell carcinomaSquamous cell carcinomaMelanomas Other types of … Continue reading

Moles and the potential for a skin cancer diagnosis in Huntington

Young woman with moles

Because skin cancer is often linked to moles, many people may feel uncomfortable about these usually harmless growths. Moles are very common, with anywhere from ten to forty seen on the average person. A mole may be a number of different colors, from dark brown to light tan. They may be flat or raised. These growths are essentially unique from one person to another, only contributing to the confusion on whether a mole will lead to a skin cancer diagnosis. Huntington dermatologist Dr. Roger Koreen has treated thousands of people over more than two decades. Through detailed screening, he helps … Continue reading

Melanoma and other skin cancer treatment available from your Huntington Dermatologist

Dermatologist examining patient in clinic

There are various types of skin cancer, and each is concerning to your dermatologist. Dr. Roger Koreen is a board certified dermatologist with a more than twenty-year career. One of his primary focuses is helping his patients learn how to identify potentially suspicious growths so that treatment may begin as early as possible. In our office, we offer excellent melanoma and other skin cancer treatment to residents of Huntington and surrounding areas. Care is tailored to the individual, and takes into consideration factors such as: What type of skin cancer has been detected Where the skin cancer is located on … Continue reading

Facial melanoma is treated carefully in the office of your Huntington dermatologist

Doctor examining the skin of female patient

Melanoma is a type of skin cancer that originates in cells called melanocytes, which are in the epidermis. Melanocytes are the cells responsible for the production of melanin, or pigment, which colors the skin. When we spend time in the sun, melanocytes produce excess melanin, which is why the skin tans. Predominantly, melanoma occurs on areas of the body that are regularly exposed to the sun. They may also develop on non-exposed areas like the soles of the feet. Among skin cancers, melanoma is the most concerning due to its ability to spread to lymph nodes and organs in the … Continue reading

Skin cancer addressed with precise mole treatment in Huntington

The mole on the girl's face

Due to the similarities between some types of cancerous growths and moles, you may feel uncertain about how to tell the difference. Most of us have a dozen moles or more scattered across our skin. As we go through life, we may notice that the number of moles on our body increases. The development of new moles is actually the development of sun damage and, yes, there is a risk that any new growth may contain cancerous cells. Dr. Roger Koreen serves his patients with comprehensive screening for skin cancer and information on mole treatment in Huntington for the removal … Continue reading

Dermatologist in Huntington provides choices for facial skin cancer treatment

Dermatology check up with female patient

Skin cancer is still a relatively new concern amongst Americans. Just a few decades ago, tanning was a common practice, whether this was done indoors or out. Our desire for golden brown skin leads to the development of multiple types of indoor tanning equipment. While there remain thousands of tanning salons throughout our country, more people are becoming aware of the dangers that come from excessive exposure to UV light. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, one in five people in our country will be diagnosed with some type of skin cancer. The most concerning type, melanoma, is a … Continue reading

Your Huntington dermatologist discusses how to promote healing after skin cancer biopsy

Dermatologist examines a mole of male patient

Skin cancer is concerning, we understand this and treat our patients with the utmost care from the time we begin the process of diagnosing an abnormality in the skin. The most common procedure through which Huntington dermatologist Dr. Roger Koreen may confirm or rule out skin cancer is the standard biopsy. From the very onset of care, our patients can expect a full explanation of everything that we do. Additionally, we take the time to answer questions, knowing that information brings peace of mind. How a biopsy may be performed A sample of skin tissue may be extracted in several … Continue reading

Making the most of your skin cancer screening in Huntington, NY

Dermatologist examining mole of patient in clinic

At Dermatology and Cosmetic Laser Center, we want to help you maximize your skin in every possible way. One of the most important aspects of dermatologic care and optimal skin health is skin cancer screening. To make the most of this examination in our Huntington, NY office, it helps to know how to prepare for your visit and what to expect from professional care. Before your skin cancer screening Skin cancer can develop not only on the skin itself but also on the nail beds of fingers and toes. For this reason, remove nail polish prior to your visit. Also, … Continue reading

Skin cancer treatment from your Huntington, NY dermatologist is designed for optimal results

Dermatologist examining patient in clinic

Historically, melanoma has been the form of skin cancer that most people fear. In truth, any form of skin cancer is very concerning. Dr. Roger Koreen has been providing patients of all ages with focused care for many years. In our practice, we provide skin cancer treatment in a meticulous manner, tailoring care to the needs of each patient. Additionally, patients who visit our Huntington, NY office benefit from instructions that will assist them in preventing and detecting signs of skin cancer. Some of the factors that determine the way skin cancer is treated include: General health The type and … Continue reading

Huntington area dermatologist offers pre skin cancer screenings

Doctor checking a mole on patient skin

Skin cancer is a serious concern in terms of skin and body health. Dr. Roger Koreen at Dermatology and Cosmetic Laser Center in Huntington encourages patients to have regular pre screenings for skin cancer on an annual basis. Skin cancer Skin cancer is one of the easiest cancers to detect in the earlier stages. Patients are encouraged to visit the dermatologist at least once a year for an annual skin cancer screening. There are many moles and skin tags that may be pre-cancerous, so with a thorough head-to-toe screening, patients can catch these concerns early enough for intervention. In some … Continue reading

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