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Acne can be a very difficult condition to manage. Not only does the boy or girl, man or woman, with acne have to live with persistent breakouts or inflammation but there is also the concern of future effects in the form of scarring. When treating acne, the focus is on the big picture. In addition to reducing existing acne, there is the goal of restoring health so that scars do not form. The prevention of scarring is preferred to removal, but Huntington dermatologist Roger Koreen has solutions for that problem, as well.

Why do we get acne?

There are many theories about the development of acne. Teens whose faces are marked with pimples and blackheads may be considered a bit lazy in the area of personal hygiene or healthy eating, but these habits have only a small impact on the overall health of skin. Acne is more a problem related to hormones, which is why we do tend to see teens affected.

When hormones fluctuate, the body may produce more oils and sebum. These substances are beneficial in normal amounts, but can clog pores when they are produced in excess. Along with sebum and oil, pores may also harbor unhealthy bacteria, which become trapped beneath the surface.

Why does some acne cause scarring?

Not every person who gets acne will see scars left behind. The reason that scarring occurs only in some instances is related to the type of acne that exists. Non-inflammatory acne involves the drainage of fluids from follicles. When fluid does not drain, pressure within the affected follicle builds and, at some point, the follicle ruptures. It is this rupture that sends toxins into tissues and leads to temporary or permanent scars.

Can scarring be avoided?

The best way to avoid acne scarring is to obtain professional treatment for acne that does not quickly respond to over the counter medication. Commercial solutions are not made for one person’s skin, they are made for “everyone.” This type of approach to acne can be worse than ineffective, it can be counterproductive, which is why it is important to change course if the skin becomes further inflamed.

Dermatologic care for acne is based on individual need and skin type. Dr. Koreen has treated thousands of patients with personalized care tailored to their skin. Give your skin this level of attention by scheduling your visit to the Dermatology and Cosmetic Laser Center in Huntington.

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